Days go by.

As I sit here watching Monday night football, I’m pondering how much has changed since my last post. Back in early 2011 we had an 17 month old, and Tasha was very pregnant with our second. I was just dipping my toe into home brewing, Tasha had completing a the Dr. Sears nutrition course, and had begun contemplating further education. Abby was talking quite a bit for her age, and we thought we had it all figured out. Little did we know…

Flash forward 20 months. We’ve got a very active nearly two year old, a 3 year old with an amazing ability to communicate, Tasha will be graduating from Grad school in mid 2013, and I am starting a new job. Could life be more upside down? Well yes.

We’ve pretty much shut this site down, but if you do want to follow what we are doing you can do so here:

Basically, Tasha’s business, my hobby, and info about our little beanies’ challenges.

Happy Holidays from us here at Cranky n