We’re jammin’

Aaron and I have been busy doing other things this summer too. We haven’t (obviously) been spending time on the blog. But, in general, this does not mean we don’t have things to say and eventually some of them will get posted. Here are some highlights of what we’ve been up to.
-Picked over 30 quarts of berries (straw, blue, rasp, black)
-Made 3 batches of jam, our first ever. I have great pictures somewhere. We have made straw, blue, and a mixed berry. We’ll make one batch of peach jam next.
-Have gotten several interesting CSAs incl. beets which means we’ve made some interesting salads and stir frys
-gone to baby birthing class, had two baby showers, and are setting up the nursery (in progress)
-Aaron’s ridden two big rides – the B2B, and Trans NH
-Have had three sets of family visitors (my parents, my brother’s family, and my sister’s family) for a total of 11 visitors over 16 or so days
-work has been stressful and busy for us both
-we had 3 more male crias, making it 11 in a row (and had one pass away earlier this summer)
-put in a clothes line
so, all in all it is just another run of the mill summer here where we sit around and do nothing… ;)
We have two more baby related classes coming up, then whatever else we feel like doing… truthfully I am ready to not have to do ANYTHING major for a while. We still have a lot to do, but whatever gets done, gets done. The rest will happen at its own pace.
I’m beyond tired from what we had on the plate…

Squid update

This may be the shortest blog ever.
I haven’t updated my Squid stats in a while, so here’s some info…
Aug – $22.81
Jul – $12.56
Jun – $22.92
May – $7.32
Apr – $6.95
Mar – $2.99
Feb – 0
Jan – $2.18
which makes a total of $77.13 for the year. I am hoping to have some more time for it when the baby comes (yeah, and a million other things). I just haven’t had any inspiration for it recently…