Guitar hero III order status.

With the game scheduled to be released in t-minus 1 day 9 hrs. I decided to check on my order status.

Order XXXX received on 9/3/2007 6:42:00 PM:

Line Code Description Quantity Status Track

1 GH3WIIEB Guitar Hero III 1P Elite Bundle (Game+Guitar) – Wii 1 warehouse
10/19/2007 9:07:00 AM
not available
3 GH3-TEE-BLACK Guitar Hero III Short Sleeve Tee Shirt Black (XL)
(Bundled with GH3WIIEB)
1 warehouse
10/19/2007 9:07:00 AM
not available
4 GHFP1 Guitar Hero Les Paul Faceplate – PS3/XB360
(Bundled with GH3WIIEB)
1 cancelled
10/17/2007 5:19:00 PM
not available
5 GHKEYCHAIN Guitar Hero Key Chain
(Bundled with GH3WIIEB)
1 warehouse
10/19/2007 9:07:00 AM
not available
6 GHSTRAP-RH Guitar Hero 2" Wide Red Hands Strap
(Bundled with GH3WIIEB)
1 warehouse
10/19/2007 9:07:00 AM
not available
7 PSLGH2-BAG Guitar Hero Dual Guitar Gig Bag
(Bundled with GH3WIIEB)
1 warehouse
10/19/2007 9:07:00 AM
not available
2 freeground FREE GROUND SHIPPING 1 shipped
10/18/2007 1:23:00 PM
not available
8 GHFP1W Guitar Hero Les Paul Faceplate – Wii 1 warehouse
10/19/2007 9:07:00 AM
not available

Looks like it shipped on the 18th, the faceplate seems to have been canceled some how. Any one with more info I’d love to hear it. In other news I’ve created a band, named The Farm. Let me know if you want to join in, all you have to do is visit the back stage, and sign up.


no time to sleep

so, today I “figured out” a schedule that would help me get more things done. 1st snag. requires going to bed at 10:30. um, yeah. 2nd snag. requires getting up at 6:30-7:00.
this could be very difficult.
I guess I should be going to bed.
I have so many other thoughts I want to share but I guess not now. goodnight. ok wait, before I do that I wanna say I rode 18 miles yesterday and spin class today. new teacher. very cycling focused. I still could do better I think, at least with some practice. but still, good music, and exercise is good. :)

Back on the Tivo bandwagon, this time with HD.

Thank you for your TiVo® order.

To view the progress of your order, sign in to and choose "View Order History".

Order Summary
Product Description Qty Item Price Tax* Total
TL0205 TiVo HD Product Lifetime Transfer Letter 1 $

R65216 180-hr TiVo HD DVR 1 $


This has been a long time coming. I’ve been a tivo owner since, well, when they gave me one early on in the game. I have been a big fan ever since, and vocal advocate, and critic. I’ve owned an s1, original s2, and now have a tivo hd on order. I can’t wait to get back to the joy of tivo, this time without the pain of a cable box. I’m not sure how I’ve gone this long with the tivo out of the entertainment center. So, tivo’s been hd for a lond time, why now? The last straw was the echo that I heard that we could transfer lifetime to this box. I have to say, I love my tivo, and I love the idea of hd tivo, but I can’t stomach a monthly fee.

What I’m saying tivo… Is bring back lifetime, make it 400, make it transferable for a fee, and you’ll get your recouring revenue via transfers.

for jd

this is for you to see what you get. see, I’m trying to somewhat plan my winter months of training/events. but you want me to blog. ok. here you go.
btw I should be asleep.
I don’t think this is going to jaiku.


No, I’m not on something, well yes I am, but what I’m getting at is the tweaking of the Blog. I’ve been trying to update our blog to be more robust, and better looking. How have I done?

So far, I’ve tweaked the template, adjusted the tags (they are now a cloud), added friend links.
I’ve also updated the version of Serendipity, which has a ton more plugins. I’m looking into adding a few more features scrobblingling,, more links, todo list, guest book, etc. If I can make it more full featured, then it can take over main stage.


It is the hardest thing for me to maintain in the colder, darker months. I want to just curl up into a ball and sleep. I suppose this hearkens back to some kind of instinct from the times humans had to just survive the winter months. But, for the modern era, where we have busy lives, and want to continue training, I find this very aggravating. If anyone has hints or tricks to stay focused when you have no near term real races coming up, let me know.
I do plan to do a 5k or two in the coming months, and probably to volunteer at a tri when I am down in FL for a week. Maybe that will be enough. I am also waiting for some insoles to be able to do more running, and I’ve hit the trainer a few times. The challenge is is only October, and the spring sounds so far away right now. So far away in fact that the plow guy (potential) stopped by today to discuss terms for the winter…
I have the opportunity to go hiking tomorrow. But I am still on the fence about it, I’d rather run, hike, or go for a ride around here, and I *should* be doing other things tomorrow too. Sigh.

Summary of my wisdom tooth extraction.

These are my notes about having your wisdom teeth removed at 29 and 11/12ths.
So after hearing from my dentist ask if I intended to have my wisdom teeth removed for oh’ say the last 10 years, I thought it was time, before it actually caused any issues. Not that I know it hasn’t yet, as my bottom two were horizontally impacted. Which can in fact can cause problems with your other molars.

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New Album, New Method?

I just ponied up 5.45 pounds for the new Radiohead album. Why? Because they dared to offer it DRM free. Because they cut out the RIAA. Because they made it easy, and because I like the idea of Radiohead actually getting the money I pay for the album. I haven’t listened to it, and I’m unsure what to think yet. I am looking forward to listening to it tomorrow.

You too can choose what you want to pay for it, and download it immediatly here:

IN Rainbows

getting the most out of what you’ve got.

I was sitting on the commuter rail train last week, and had the idea to check if there was a podcast program for my Q. I had just downloaded the opera browser, and was trying to find other ways to use it while on the train. Just checking my email via the awful IE browser was killing me.

First I found doppler mobile. It’s a great tool to get podcasts directly onto the q. The next step for me was buying the silly adapter for my head phones. Out of the box it has a 2.5mm jack, and you can’t plug in normal head phones. Why motorola? why? This makes no sence to me at all. You build a phone with a ton of potential but handicap it.

I eventually found the adapter at Radio shack at the mall for 9.99, IMHO it’s ugly, and pointless, but does the trick. I still don’t understand why the phone needs a 2.5mm jack. So now I’ve got podcasts, and sound, next up, video and audio books.

Video is easy, assuming your source is wmv, then it can be played. So, I downloaded a few video casts, and away I went. It’s not the most elegant interface, it’s a chunky version of windows media player. It can’t even fast foward, or rewind. but for playing video, full screen it, and you can enjoy a smooth playing good looking hand held video.

Of course downloading anything of substance takes too much time via the evdo connection, so the best bet is to sync via active sync, and manually copying the files over, which IMHO is still kinda painful.

So the next step? I had to check out my other source of commute time entertainment, audio books.
I’ve been a very happy audible customer for some time, and was extremely psyched to see they have a client for the phone. After installing the client I was very impressed. It’s well written, it’s easy to use, and it has audibleair. Which is a way to download books directly to your phone. It’s awsome! I can buy something, then update my catalog online, and download it directly to my phone. I can pull my audible subscriptions to download too.

I have to say that audible was the biggest supprize, and is the most user friendly.

This just goes to show, you don’t need to go out and buy a new ipod to get video, podcasts, or audiobooks on your phone, you just need to do a litte reading, and buy a needless 9 dollar adapter.